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because after all, lifes all about choices.
and sometimes, or many times say,
we lay ourselves bare in risks. treacherous risks.

like diving in the depth of calculus,
a calamity of endless coding,
the unfathomable circuit laws.

or like sinking in the shadow of him,
whose home a million walks away,
penetrating vast cultures, connecting incoherent tongues.

oh, what a lane of turmoil.

but lifes about choices.
and what are choices without risks?
and what are risks without adventures?

in the end, I choose


//september 23




  1. They are comfortable! Most (or all I would say) of the Uber cars are brand new, hence the cozy backseats. One time I got to ride a black, fully-tinted Honda civic  *automatically wears shades when going out of the car*
  2. Affordable! Yes, they are. Except if you’re from Petaling Jaya (especially Federal Highway) heading towards Ampang at 5 freaking p.m. on Friday, Uber would not really be the best choice… (I did that once) (bad, bad decision)
  3. The drivers do not tune in to Klasik FM. This is important ok!! Like I don’t want to listen to a music I don’t know from a singer I never heard of?? 1970’s seriously???
  4. They are one of the friendliest creature on the planet. (only applies to certain drivers) once we babbled about Penang food which is enticing, and the other day we had a long educational talk about studies in Malaysia (yup it was the PJ to Ampang ride, needed something to kill those long-ass hours of traffic jam) (please plan your going-back-home-time wisely)
  5. They’re cool. By cool I mean you can just ask them to pull over anywhere. Example; surau if you haven’t prayed yet or in my case to buy some mineral water haha!
  6. You can negotiate (read: tawar-menawar) I don’t really recommend you guys to do unless you tengah pokai #studentlife. But don’t be surprised if they are the one who reduce the fare! #godblesspeoplelikethis
  7. They don’t really have rules; we can add a few extra people. A few jelah jangan sumbat 12 orang pula
  8. Theyre safe! Omg why is this the eighth point hahaha
  9. Convenient! They can pick you right in front of your college apartment in the morning/evening and at midnight



The safety is top-notch, these are just as precautions.

  1. Call someone after you get in the car, and tell them your location, where you’re heading and the expected time of arrival. If you don’t have anyone to ring, a fake call will do.
  2. When using Uber app, they will show to you a picture of the driver, the type of car and the plate number. Screenshot this and send to your family/friends. (Satu group cukuplah, tak perlu send dekat group Engine/Society/Classmate/Roommate dan segala group yang ada)
  3. Recite dua’! Doa keluar rumah ke ayat kursi ke. As simple as that.


So that’s it, I hope this post will benefit you even the slightest. (especially part balik KL pukul 5) (jangan buat pls)

Disclaimer; This post is solely my opinion based on previous experience with Uber 🙂


I vividly remember that one time in class, when I was triggered by sudden itchiness on my sole (tapak kaki). I’ve had this super-dry-rough-like-sandpaper sole, thankfully they were rarely itchy. But once they started to itch, good lord it was horrendous. So there I was, in the middle of the class, gracefully (read: frantically) scratching my sole. With socks hanging and one leg on top of the other, I’m pretty sure it was not a pleasant view. (Sorry, classmates) But then again my friends were kind enough to ask me whether I’m okay or if I need anything. My best friends did what they best at doing; making lame jokes -.- like oh my god can’t you see I’m sick here?!

Months passed when my Mom suddenly brought up that I should see a dermatologist. And jeng jeng jeng, guess which skin specialist was lucky enough to have me as their patient!







Honestly, I was pretty nervous because from what I read on the Internet, the charge was quite expensive. But hey health > wealth, no?

We went to their branch in Taman Melawati. The clinic is on the second floor, the first floor is Bak boutique (if u have my snapchat u’d knew) (we did get something) (for someone who wasn’t even there) (guess who that person was) (yeap it’s Musleem) (rolls eyes emoji)

We had conversation with a Chinese aunty whos a regular patient/customer (i don’t know which term to use), she already had her treatment few years back and that day she was accompanying her niece. Seeing that she actually had spent money to do all that, the result must be good! So I was hyped and excited.

The receptionist called my name and we went in the consultant room. The doctor was nice and friendly, also very pandai lah! We were in there for like 5 minutes je kot. I showed her my sole, she asked few questions, gave some advice, prescribe some medicine and wallah! We’re done!

I had two medicines and both were pills! Can you believe there’s no cream?!! I love you doctor!! Then came the moment of truth, let’s see the receipt… gulp. 1000? 2000?






RM 120!!! No I didn’t forget to put another zero, it was literally one hundred and twenty ringgit. In two weeks I have finished my medicine, and praise to God, the result was SPLENDID. I really recommend going to any of their branch if you have eczema or other skin problems.

P/s: Dr Ko is my solemate, what about you? 😉

#notpaidreview #theyshouldpaythough

Scholarship Hunt

First thing first, thought.

I know it is no piece of cake to secure myself with a scholarship, but my journey is strenuous. A bit exaggerating there but let’s see

  1. Petronas

Since the engineering courses offered are not to my interest; mechanical, petroleum, etc. I applied for Law instead – overseas.

Few days later my friend rang me to check their website, Tadaaa


okaaay, not what i expected. Petronas is the first scholarship to announce the result so I was still igniting with optimism – ‘It’s okay I still have other scholarships’

2. Bank Negara

They have two types; Kijang Emas dan Kijang. I applied the Kijang since I didn’t meet the requirements for Kijang Emas (straight A plus woW)


Screened means that they have viewed my application, but until now I have not received any emails. And rumor has it that the short-listed applicants were already going to the interviews, so I guess that’s the end for me and Bank Negara *insert crying emoji*

3. Yayasan Khazanah

ok now this one’s a mixture of humor and melancholy, well at least for me. Here’s the story – I met the minimum requirements; 8As (A and A+ only). Upon filling the application on their website, suddenly I cannot continue to choose my scholarship; Khazanah Watan or Global. There’s a red box with a heartbreaking statement

“Based on the (SPM) results you filled in, you did not meet our requirements”

They want As in core subjects, and unfortunately I got A- for my Bahasa Melayu. The only A- I have yet they rejected me so fast I couldn’t even finish filling the application -.- I kept on refreshing the website and try to apply again, but the red box kept popping out. Quite an endurance you got there huh, red box?

The next day, I apply for the same scholarship again. Call me hard-headed, but I choose to look on the bright side, I’m persistent 😛 Believe it or not, after continuously refreshing the website with utter perseverance, they let me choose the scholarship!!

The persistent me, 1 – The red box, 0

Enthusiastically I applied for Khazanah Global. But life’s not always rainbows and butterflies. I need to submit a 1000 words essay regarding the course I’m applying for, how it benefits the country and why I’m a suitable candidate (because I’m persistent, duh) The thought of 1000 words did drain my excitement but hey, I am half way there!! It’s the girl who refreshed the website a thousand times we’re talking about.

I read few articles regarding my course, watched tons of videos, and read again whatever that seems necessary to my essay. And there I was, 15 minutes before the deadline, submitting my holy-grail 985 words essay. Not to be bright but I think I really nailed it, I love writing anyway. (Trying hard not to upload the essay right here because that makes me look so desperate and saddening than I already am)

With that, I left it all to God. Few days later I got an email from Yayasan


unsuccessful – the word shattered my heart to pieces. They responded like thunderbolt, I wondered if they even read my essay. I couldn’t help but replied;


So bold, I know. Pretty sure they have already blacklisted my name by now hahaha. Then I got another mail..



They even mentioned my A- in BM -.- Plus, this means they did not read my essay and my eye-catching resume (it’s pink!) *cries quietly in a corner* And that’s the end for the melodrama between me and Khazanah. Honestly, it was very kind of them to reply to my emails, I didn’t expect that tho.

In the end, life goes on, I have other scholarships – which I may or may not be successful. But never ever give up because we never know what God has prepared for us 🙂

Disclaimer; This is not a complain, but a sincere sharing of my tiiiiny experience regarding scholarship that might be an eye opener for me and for you.